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Pioneer Catalyst is promoted by a team of enthusiastic well honed banking and finance professionals having years of experience in the financial services industry and relationship with the SME sector for more than a decade in the UAE markets and Indian markets. Our mission is to act as catalyst for small and medium enterprises in the UAE, to unlock their potential by securing that vital use which keeps every business in shipshape and Bristol Fashion…….FINANCE.

UAE small and medium sized business enterprises from the core sector in the UAE and are faced with challenges and opportunities for growth sometimes are hampered by lack of finance. Our services of coordination with various banks and financial institutions for securing finance for them can save their time which can be utilized for more productive activities.

The businesses may have difficulty growing or expanding due to strict lending criteria of banks, so we would like to act as catalyst for the economic development of the UAE by speedy coordination to facilitate the working capital requirement of the SME sector so that they can grow into large corporates thus bringing about the economic development of the UAE.

Business Loan Term Loans are where the full amount borrowed is advanced on day one. These types of loans are generally over longer terms( up to 4 years) and may have fixed or variable rates of interest.

The Letter of Credit is a document issued by a financial institution of a similar party, assuring payment to a seller of goods and or services provided certain documents have been presented to the bank. These documents that essentially prove that the seller has performed his duties under an underlying contract. ( Ex sale of goods contract) and the goods ( or services) have been supplied as agreed. In return for these documents the beneficiary receives payment from the financial institution that issued the letter of credit.

The Letter of Credit serves essentially as a guarantee to the seller that it will be paid regardless of whether the buyer ultimately fails to pay.

Listing of corporates and SME's with banks for employee benefit schemes, personal loans both salary transfer and non salary transfer, auto loans and mortgage finance.

Over Draft Overdrafts are probably the most common type of finance used by business. An overdraft is a line of credit attached to a cheque account, which allows business to operate on a day-to day basis. The use of an overdraft is referred to as “working capital”.
Over drafts are charged at a variable rate of interest, with interest being calculated daily on the balance outstanding. The balance of an account with an overdraft facility should ideally fluctuate between debit and credit as cash outflows and inflows occur.

Cash Flow Finance/ Factoring UAE small and medium sized business may have difficulty growing or expanding their business due to shortage of working capital, the strict lending criteria of the banks or when cash flow is tied up in unpaid invoices.
An excellent alternative is invoice finance. Invoice finance can help a business , use it sales as a leverage to generate the capital demanded by rapid growth and provides a steady and flexible source of funds by turning your unpaid invoices into cash. As well as boosting cash flow quickly , a debtor finance/invoice finance facility can provide greater certainty and clarity for the future of your business. It is process to grow your business.

Business Mortgage Loan A business loan which is especially suitable for business people who have a residential property or commercial property to as a security is a Business Mortgage Loan. By borrowing against your residential asset, you can keep your interest rate down and effectively operate in a similar fashion to a line of credit against your residential mortgage or commercial property.

General Insurance: We have been retained as an intermediary by Leading Insurers of the UAE for offering customized medical and health plans both for individual and corporates at very competitive rates.

We also offer intermediation services in the insurance sector which includes fire, motor, marine and aviation, Liability insurance and miscellaneous accident insurance.
We have also started, Credit Insurance Facility to ensure business, to secure against the defaulting suppliers and hence improve their credit worthiness when taking bank loans and facilities.

We also source properties in free hold/ lease hold for commercial and living purposes pan UAE and organize Mortgage loans from various banks at very competitive rates.